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#freedomSavchenko - Russia is a third world state with a totalitarian regime

#freedomSavchenko - Russia is a third world state with a totalitarian regime

Editor's Note: The following is an English-language translation of imprisoned Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko’s last statement to the court, which her attorneys published on March 3. The judges in the Russian court postponed the court session at which Savchenko was to give her statement until March 9. Savchenko is imprisoned in Russia on bogus murder charges, and prosecutors are demanding a 23-year prison sentence for her. Savchenko started a dry hunger strike on March 4.
Ukrainian airforce officer Nadia Savchenko stands inside a defendants' cage during a hearing at the Basmanny district court in Moscow on March 26, 2015.
Photo by AFP
I do not acknowledge either fault, or the sentence, or the Russian court. There will be no appeal in the case of a guilty verdict. I want the entire civilized democratic world to understand that Russia is a third world state with a totalitarian regime and a tyrant dictator, where human rights, as well as international law, are ignored.

This is an absurd situation, when those who kidnap people and torture them pretend afterwards that have the right to judge them. How can we talk about a fair court here? There are no (proper) courts and investigations in Russia! There is only a farce by the Kremlin’s puppets, and I think it is unnecessary to waste time in my life taking part in it!

This is why there will be no appeal, but there will be the following: after the verdict, I will extend my hunger strike for 10 more days, until the verdict comes into force, regardless of whether there is a translation of the verdict into Ukrainian, as they can drag their feet with the translation. In 10 days, I will announce a hunger strike without water, and then Russia will have no more than 10 days to return me to Ukraine, where I was taken captive. And I don’t care how they explain it. I heard (Ukrainian President) Petro Poroshenko has good diplomatic skills. Well, I hope his diplomatic skills will be enough to negotiate with one idiot. As he promised my mother that I would come home for the May holidays of 2015.

And while (they) bargain over me, life will be leaving me, and Russia will anyway return me to Ukraine – alive or dead. But will return!

And through all these 10 days my sister will be standing day and night near the prison gate, waiting to see whether I will be released or carried out. If you imprison her – my mother will take her place, she is 77 years old. Will you imprison her? Then my friend will take her place, and after them one Ukrainian after another. Remember – you won’t stuff all of them in here! And while my compatriots are standing here, ordinary honest Russians from the neighborhood will start bringing them hot tea, sandwiches and warm blankets, as each of them understands that any of their children could find themselves in my place – in this prison of nations named Russia.

That’s how Maidans (revolutions) start! Do you need something like that? It scares you as much as fire does! So the Kremlin would do better to return me to Ukraine soon, and alive!

And the entire democratic world would do better to learn the lessons of history in time, to remember that at some point Europe tolerated (Adolf) Hitler, (the United States of) America was not firm enough, and it led to the World War II. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin – is a tyrant with imperial aspirations combined with a Napoleon (Bonaparte) and Hitler Complex. The bear does not understand human language; it only understands the language of force. So, if we don’t become more drastic and don’t define our proper priorities in time, we will soon have World War III.

As a politician, I won’t lend a hand to Russia in the political arena. It is useless to lend a hand to someone who held you in handcuffs, and your nation in chains. In making any political decision, I will always consider how it will influence ordinary people, both in Ukraine and Russia. Because in Russia, despite everything, there are many honest, kind and miserable people.


Original: Kyivpost


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